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Welcome to Avitrol

The Leader in Effective Bird Control Products and Training

Avitrol is the leading, environmentally sound bird control product that will solve your most difficult bird problems! We are here to provide your pest control business with the training and products you need to grow.

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Help You Get

Thinking about adding bird control to your pest control company? We will show you how to price bird jobs, sort out material costs and sell bird jobs to potential clients!

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Stick With You Along the Way

Whether you’re new or experienced, we are here to help you! We provide you with everything, including one-on-one training to on-site consultation on bird jobs.

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Growth Through Education

We want your bird control business to be successful. We offer training on how to successfully use our products and how to make the most money possible on jobs!

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First Ever Bird Control App

Bid Calculator

This calculator will tell you exactly what to charge for bird jobs.

Tutorial Videos

Quick tips on how to be successful in bird work.

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Bird ID

Unique tool for helping identify the bird species, nest, young, and other characteristics.

Dilution Calculator

Calculates how much pre-bait and active bait to use in your mix.

Untold Number of Successful Jobs
Millions Of Families Protected
Billions Saved in Possible Losses
Minimal Environmental Footprint

Bird problems are simple

A solution that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Pre-bait Site

Establish feeding sites with grains or corn that match your Avitrol product and build the birds trust in that feeding source.


Go Live

Mix in the right amount of Avitrol grains. Affected birds will emit distress signals to scare the rest of the flock away.



Keep Avitrol baiting trays on site with pre-bait and check back periodically for any signs of activity.

Easy to Learn

We have webinars and in person training available to help you become a bird control pro! Click the link below to set up a training for your business.

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Simple to Use

No construction background? No problem. We provide training so that your techs that spray for spiders can learn to treat for pest birds too!

Learn How

Prevent the three D's

Bird problems can have serious consequences
Project Example

Birds Ruin Awnings

Uric acid severely defaces store front
Project Example

Droppings Cause Histoplasmosis

Protect the ones you love from incurable diseases
Project Example

Buildings destroyed

Nesting materials clog ventilation systems and start fires
Project Example

Everyday Exposure

Studies show correlation between allergen rise and bird infestations
Project Example

Food poisoning outbreak

Wide spread of salmonella attributed to bird infestations
Project Example

Astetics are ruined

Bird droppings can ruin customer appeal

What people say about us

Read some of the testimonials from our amazing clients

Our company does alot of bird work in Southern California. We decided that it made more sense to treat our bird problems exclusively with Avitrol grains and haven’t looked back since.

by Jason P.Pest Control in CA

We had quite a problem with House Sparrows in our machine sheds and barns for a number of years. After using Avitrol for just one season, we haven’t seen a single bird since.

by Teresa C.Farmer in OH

Our private garages were constantly covered in Pigeon droppings. We hired an Avitrol applicator to come out and apply this season, and it looks like we’re bird free for the first time!

by Darren G.Airport in OK
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Drive By Bird Control Tutorial

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