Bid Calculator - Complete bird job calculator that allows you determine labor costs, material costs, job length, and much more!

Assessment of Humaneness Report - Study conducted by renowned Animal Welfare Advocate Dr. Harry C. Rowsell proving the humaneness of 4-aminopyridine.

Avitrol Pest Bird Management Presentation - Presentation on how Avitrol baits work, determining a control method, surveying the site to be baited, proper prebaiting and baiting as well as storage methods.

Avitrol Pre-usage Checklist - Resource to help determine if using Avitrol is appropriate, as well as other factors including location sensitivity.

Disease & Pest Birds - List of diseases associated with three pest birds, and animals which may be affected.

Histoplasmosis Control - Health hazard associated with bird feces and information on safe cleanup of the affected area.

Secondary Hazards Report - Study conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Research Center determining that there is no true secondary poisoning with Avitrol. Technical Data Sheet Chemical properties of 4-aminopyridine.

Technical Data Sheet - Chemical properties of 4-aminopyridine.

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