Packaged Well

Comes in a 6 gall pail, with secure packaging for both the untreated and treated grains inside.

Pleasing Visual

A readily identifiable color scheme helps specialists tell the difference in packaging, for treatments with a goal no kill.

Ease of Access

Has an easy "twist-on, twist-off" Gamma Seal Lid, with water seal connection tech to keep bugs and water out.

Avitrol Easy Blend

No Kill, No Problem.

Designed for Sensitive Sites With a Goal of No Kill
Lite Dilution Ratio

When blended, the dilution ratio is 1 parts treated, to 40 parts untreated. Perfect for sensitive sites.

Goes a Long Way

A pail contains 10lbs of bait. That's enough to treat up 150 House Sparrows for an entire job!

Smaller Grain Size

A smaller grain holds less density of active ingredient, helping you achieve your goal of no kill.

Avitrol Easy Blend on an iPhone
Multi-Species Coverage

The label for Mixed Grains covers the Easy Blend product. In the US, Mixed Grains is labeled for 12 different species of bird!

Has Full Support

Our team provides job specific documentation all the way down to how much bait goes in a tray, and when it should be refilled!

Accessories Galore

We offer every tool needed to mix, weigh, and deploy Easy Blend from the start of your job, to the finish.

Product Shots

What You See Is What You Get