Avitrol Easy Blend For
Sites With A Goal of No Kill

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We Did It Again

Same great bait, Same recurring treatments, Limited Footprint
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Easy to Mix

No more measuring. No more calculating dilution ratios. No more hassle! With Avitrol Easy Blend, a service specialist simply opens the outer pail, opens the inner bag of Avitrol Mixed Grains for Pre-bait, empties the inner bag into the pail, opens the jar of Avitrol Mixed Grains Bait, pours Avitrol Bait into the pail, then uses the Avitrol Drill Mixing Attachment to stir the blend for up to 2 minutes. The result? A perfect, light blend of bait, pre-measured at a 1:40 dilution ratio!

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Easy to Store

Sooo…we listened. We understand that it’s a pain to get into many pesticide pails because of way the lids lock. We decided to make it easy on you for a change. Say goodbye to difficult locking lids, and say hello to water resistant, gamma seal lids! That’s right, simply twist on to lock, or twist off. Trust us, your fingers will be thankful! As an added bonus, the inner lid seal, keeps water and insects out of the bait, even while in the service vehicle!

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Easy Risk Limiting

We all know how it goes…less pesticide = less risk. In fact, our commitment to pest teams worldwide is to aid them in bird control applications, with a goal of no kill. The 1:40 dilution ratio works to limit the amount of active ingredient the target species is exposed to, with the goal being to give the bird just enough bait for a reactionary dose, scare the rest of the flock away for good, and watch the reacting bird fully recover without side effects. Sound like an ambitious goal? We thought so too, but we’ve been successful in job after job, executed at sensitive sites. Feel free to click the link below to touch base with one of our support specialists for answers to questions.

We said it was easy

Seriously, it's only a 3 step process!


Open the jar of active Avitrol Mixed Grains.



Pour the jar's contents into the convenient, 6 gallon pail.



Stir the pail contents for up to 2 minutes for a perfect, 1:40 bait blend.

Shopping Malls
Garden Centers
Grocery Stores
Retail Stores

Does It Work?

This is what Avitrol Certified Applicators have to Say

We deployed near an outdoor pool area at one of our casinos, for use on Pigeons last year. The birds were gone by the second treatment, and our customer was extremely happy! Our company switched to strictly Easy Blend.

by Eric G.PMP for upscale casino in NV

This was a massive Grackle infestation in the Dallas area. Birds were in the garages and all over the tops of buildings. We had good pre-bait acceptance, and went live. After a single treatment, there has not been any activity at this location.

by Jeff B.PMP for Luxury Shopping Mall in TX

We were treating a garden center for issues with Sparrows in the pallets and making a mess on the inventory. After an 8 week program, there were no more birds. Not a single bird experienced mortality during the treatment.

by Bryan H.PMP for Home Improvement Store Chain in MN